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Can you link me underage fics?

Smut High School/College AU Rec List


A rec list of NC-17 and Smutty Larry Stylinson fanfiction based on high school and college AU’s. 


One of her students

Everything changes when one day Louis decides to visit the school that his girlfriend, Eleanor, works at. Out of everything that he could notice in the school, he notices a quiet boy with curly hair whose name is Harry. He comes to learn that Harry has secrets. And more problems come up when he starts having feelings for one of his girlfriend’s students.

Secrets Kindle Fires

Louis is a 22 year old uni professor. Harry is his student who constantly insults him about his sexuality. Louis tries to ignore it but the curly-haired boy won’t let up. But one night, Louis discovers that Harry may have a dark secret he keeps locked inside.

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I love this vine…. Don’t ask why…

The flinch gets me every time

Brendan Lunn Smut

It was your Birthday and it was your 1 year anniversary with Bren, As you got out of your last period he came up next to you and whispered in your eyes

"I have a big surprise for you, let’s go over to my place" you look at him and he winks at you, he drove and you sat in the passenger he put his right hand on your thigh it was getting close to your place.

You guys arrived and he opened the door for you and carried you inside. As he got in he kicked the door shut and carried you all the way up to his room. His desk was full of books, and his laptop he layed you on top of the bed and you got on your shoulders and he shut the door and locked it.

He started undressing

"what are you doing ?" You ask

"Giving you your birthday preset of course" he smirked and you just stayed still.. you knew it was wrong but.. it also felt so right. You too off your backpack and he was on top of you.

Since it was your birthday you wanted to take control. You flipped over and you are sitting on his area. You slightly move your hips causing him to moan and groan.. He ripped your shirt revealing your lace bra.

He cupped and got up and un clipped it and your breasts were free. He groaned at the sight and he started rubbing your sensitive nipples. You moaned and slapped his hands away. You got up and took off your pants. Your lace underwear that matched with the bra, he looked up and was starting to rub himself.. You took his hands and got two bandanas and tied his hands on the headboard. You smirked and played with the hem of his boxers

"stop teasing and ride me already" you looked at him innocently and pulled down his boxers to his ankles… You stared at his member and you smiled

"Please blow me baby" you put your finger on his lip and told him to be quiet…

You took him in your hand and started pumping him, you spit on the tip and then he started moaning and sweating.. You let go of him and sat on his member and moved around.. he couldn’t help it and yelled out your name. You got up and took off your underwear..

"your so beautiful.." You blushed and he told you were the condom and lube was.. You ripped the condom wrapper and rolled it down on him.. You placed the lube also around his member.. You gulped

"take your time" you nodded and put your hands against his waist.. You lowered yourself and threw your head back groaning

"ugh your so tight!" took you a while to have him all in you.. You started moving around to get used to it.. You started jumping a bit and then started enjoying so decided to pick up the pace, he started thrusting into you faster and harder.. You both moaned and the room felt humid and hot.

"I’m close!" He yelled.. you untied his hands and he still thrusted into you. He immediately cupped your breast and he started licking them.. You moaned and sucked on his neck you looked at the big hickey you gave him and you smirked.. You felt him release in the condom, and you got off and layed next to him.. He took off the condom and threw it away.. he was your first and you were glad it was him. he turned to you and kisse your lips

"I love you." He said

"I love you too" you replied.. you saw blood stain on his blanket and felt your cheeks warm..

"go get in the shower.. ill put the blanket in the dirty clothes.." You nodded and got up and went in his restroom.. you went in the tub and he came in a few seconds later, you both took a shower and got out and he gave you a shirt and a pair of his boxers. you smiled at how you were wearing his clothes..

You both laid on bed and he played with your hair….

"You complete me (Y/N) I want to be with you till my death" you looked into his blue eyes and smiled

"I want to be with you till death and after." you smiled and his kissed your lips and you both cuddled and went to sleep…